Celebrating the Autism Awareness Day

Why is that girl always looking like that? Oh, I know a boy that’s like that too? I saw him somewhere,Wande asked Bimpe in quick succession. That girl, oh, it seems you don’t know what is called AUTISM! Bimpe said. What’s that? Autism? I’ve not heard it before, but if that’s what people like that have, I’ve seen such before……

Woman, the Awesome breed Created by God

Woman, the awesome breed created by God, embodies the essence of love, compassion, and empowerment. On this International Women’s Day, I celebrate the incredible strength, resilience, and grace of women around the world. The world would have been filled with animals and only one man not being able to reproduce or establish the human race. But God avoided such chaotic…

Yooo! It’s a New Month

My joy knows no bounds as we glide into this third month Specifically, this is My month, I can’t keep quiet about it This month, I’m Progressing on all sides This month, I’m Marching into new realms and territories This month, no Power, Force or Spirit will hinder me from rising and shining This month, Nations are receiving answers from…



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